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Mr Paul Simmonds is an extremely dedicated, disciplined and determined martial artist.

As an Instructor he is hard working and always strives to improve his knowledge so that he can better guide and teach his students. I am confident that he will be successful in his endeavors.


Master Keith Banfield | 6th Degree Black Belt | 2014 | with Mr Simmonds

I first met Mr Simmonds as a fellow student of Master Banfield in early 2014. Since that time we have spent many hours training together. I can say that Mr Simmonds is a very gifted student and teacher. He is easy to understand, patient and his enthusiasm contagious. I would now count Mr Simmonds as one of my dearest friends and would have no hesitation in endorsing him fully.


Richard Gordon-Giles | Brown Senior | 2015 |

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After watching a documentary regarding Jimmy Saville, I thought it best my eldest, McKenzie, should be able to defend herself in any given situation.


I had kept a flyer that had been put through my door about Choi Kwang Do, so immediately contacted Mr Simmonds.


They both have been members since June.


McKenzie has benefited from the physical side of Choi Kwang Do. She is very academic & does not really do much sport. So since joining her fitness has improved & along with that she has lost weight. Her ability to apply herself is better as is her perseverance.


Bonnie-Belle initially went along because McKenzie did. She is naturally a very quiet & self contained child but in some situations it can be quite painful. Since starting Choi Kwang Do she has definitely come out of her ‘shell’. She is now super confident. If she is wronged she will fight her corner & speak up. Her ability to retain information has increased. In February we were told she had a reading age of 3, she is 6. She is now where she should be. She is able to concentrate & situations she used to find daunting now don’t bother her.


Both girls have benefited in different ways in such a short amount of time. It’s fantastic to see how far they have come & we are excited as to where it will take them.


McKenzie & Bonnie-Belle | 2015 |


Sam has been going to CKD for a few months now and we have seen a change in Sam's behaviour since he has started it.


When the leaflet came through the door, I was not sure about Sam starting a martial art, but hearing what was behind CKD, the principles of concentration, http://www.eastangliackd.co.uk/silent-sitting/ and using what they learn in self defence and for good.


Sam gets such a lot out of each lesson. He enjoys the fun method of teaching which is clearly explained.


And the games that end every session too. He is always very eager to show us what he has learned every week and we have invested in a punching bag for him at home so he can practise - he now does a 10 minute session every morning and evening.


At his age (10) it's important for him to understand the importance of learning to concentrate and also to follow instructions carefully - and to be able to defend himself later in life if he needs to. This provides all of that. Sam is always keen to improve and get his next belt up.



Sam Richardson | 2015 |


Brooke has been going to Choi Kwang Do for about 2 1/2 months now, it was a choice between this and dancing.


After her first couple of lessons Brooke was hooked, as she is only 5 Brooke is always a bit hyper and always on the go, we have noticed a change in her as she seems more focused and bit calmer , especially at school,


Brooke loves going to class and making new friends and was really happy she got to name the new punch bag "minion Bob".


We can't wait for the next few years to see how far she comes through her education, a better person and a top student of

EastAnglia Ckd.


Brooke | 2015 |

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