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Free Beginners introductory course

The first step for all potential students is to take part in our Two Day Beginners Introductory Course; which gives you the opportunity to experience the mental and physical benefits of training Choi Kwang Do.


Your course will include:

Introduction to Choi Kwang Do: Our philosophy, the benefits of Choi Kwang Do training and why we are different to traditional martial arts.

Silent Sitting Exercise: Promotes optimum learning, focuses the mind and reduces stress.

Warm Up Exercises: Prepares the body for exercise and prevents injuries.

Choi Kwang Do Training: Learn basic physical and non-physical self defence skills.

Equipment Drills: Improve fitness, co-ordination and muscular strength.

Warm Down Exercises: Promotes flexibility and reduces muscle soreness...

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Please fill in the form below to request a call back to reserve your 2 Day Beginners Introductory Course.


Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a member of our team call us on: 07538 264 993 or E-Mail us at info@eastangliackd.co.uk.





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