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A study conducted in 2012 found that managers The benefits gained from studying martial arts at Choi Kwang Do UK are numerous and individuals study at our school for many different reasons. A common and often talked about benefit gained by all practitioners is how training at our school has transformed their personal life and empowered them to be positive role models for their family, friends and work colleagues.


Some of the most common benefits gained from our classes include: improved health, weight loss, reduced stress, effective self defence skills, strength, flexibility, coordination, raised self esteem, improved self confidence and a positive mental attitude and outlook on life.


Our unique Martial Arts Education Programme provides additional benefits through the following exercises / classes.


Silent Sitting


Mentally prepares the practitioner for their class. The action of sitting silently steadies the breath, which in turn calms the mind, reduces stress and focuses thought. This exercise allows the practitioner to go to a place within where they feel safe and secure, empowering them to trust their feelings and intuition so that they can make good conscious informed decisions, especially when it comes to potential self defence situations.


Conflict Education


As martial artists, we always seek to find peaceful methods to resolve misunderstandings. Our classes develop qualities such as forgiveness, respect, love and humility.


Human Values Education


Whilst the physical aspects of Choi Kwang Do will undoubtedly make you a great martial artist, our human values education will make you embark on an action programme of self-development in character. Every individual has the capability to transform them self. To improve ones character is the most challenging and yet the most exciting; a joyful and rewarding human activity. Anyone who is prepared to make the necessary effort can become the master of their destiny!


Our human education programme teaches a set of five interrelated values: truth, love, peace, right conduct and non-violence that are universal and inherent in the human personality and therefore shared by all of humanity. These values are experienced, recognised and explored in the class so that our students can use them in their everyday lives to help them live a happier, healthier and purposeful life. The human values programme helps our practitioners to think before they speak or take action which results in our students developing a unity with their thoughts, words and deeds.


At Choi Kwang Do UK our instructors are trained to teach using the five human values. They understand that the quickest way to teach anyone is by example. Therefore, our instructors work hard to be the exemplars of the benefits derived from studying Choi Kwang Do.


Studying martial arts is not just about kicking and punching, it is a holistic education. It is said "The end of education is character". Therefore, students of Wembley Choi Kwang Do not only develop effective self defence skills but also their character. We aim to develop each student to hold themselves forth as an ideal human being.



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